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As an education member, you have a unique work schedule and pay structure.We get that.

That’s why we go beyond the ‘best rate’ approach to provide you with borrowing options that best suit your needs. No matter if you’re full-time or occasional, or where you happen to be on the pay grid.

Need a mortgage that offers you complete flexibility without compromises?

As a brokerage, we have access to multiple lenders. Which means where other financial institutions might compromise on features and flexibility in order to provide you with their best rate, Educators Financial Group offers you our best rate up front. No compromises.

Looking to consolidate multiple high-interest loans and credit cards?

We can provide you with low rate line of credit options that can literally save you hundreds, perhaps even thousands of dollars in interest over time—enabling you to pay down debt faster.


Plus for a limited time, we’ll even throw in a $50 Canadian Tire gift card* when you get a mortgage or line of credit through Educators Financial Group!


Have one of our Agent – Regional Directors get in touch with you to discuss your borrowing needs.



*Gift card will be provided on approved applications only. Offer can be withdrawn at any time. Ask for full details.

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