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The last thing you need to worry about when facing uncertain times is whether you’ll be able to manage your mortgage costs.

That’s why Educators Financial Group offers exclusive mortgage rates as low as 2.59%* and will cover the cost of switching your mortgage through us.

With Educators, you can evaluate mortgage rates and terms that take your unique situation as an education member into account.

  • We negotiate with multiple lenders and get the rate that’s best for you.
  • Our collateral transfer programs provide you with greater freedom to transfer your collateral charge mortgage over.
  • Our experts can offer educator-specific advice to help you navigate your current financial situation, regardless of where you are on the pay grid or what your income is in retirement.
  • Even if you’ve experienced some credit challenges in the past or your credit isn’t making the grade, we can help you find the right mortgage option. Speak with us to learn how an alternative residential mortgage solution can help you achieve your goals.
  • PLUS! Educators also offers a mortgage option with strike protection. Speak with an Educators lending specialist for details.†
Confused about the mortgage stress test? Let us take the mystery (and the stress) out of the test!

Educators Financial Group has been providing the financial products and information that education members need for over 40 years. We helped our members during the 1997 work stoppage to protest Bill 160 and continue to support the education community today.

Did you know? You can also get an emergency loan through Educators. In case of any work stoppages, we offer an exclusive $5,000 emergency loan at 6%* that can be accessed within 24 hours. Speak with an Educators lending specialist for more details.

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