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For a limited time, receive $500* when you switch your existing mortgage through Educators Financial Group.


Do you need to refinance your mortgage or is it up for renewal?

Whether you are a full-time employee or occasional, our borrowing solutions are catered to fit your needs no matter where you are on the pay grid.

We have access to multiple lenders that can serve you better than any other financial institution. Our Accredited Mortgage Professionals specialize in mortgages that are specifically catered to the education community.

How does it work?

If you have a mortgage of $200,000 or more, when you switch it through Educators Financial Group we will give you $500.

If your mortgage is less than $200, 000, we will give you a $100 Amazon gift card when you switch your mortgage through Educators Financial Group.

We are the financial specialists for the education community, because we live in your community and understand your financial needs. We continuously deliver financial solutions that are tailored to your unique circumstances.

Have an Agent – Regional Director get in touch with you to discuss your borrowing needs.


Did you know?

We also offer Lines of Credit (LOC) to help you consolidate your debt! Eliminate those high-interest credit cards with our low-rate LOC and kickstart your financial future.

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